21.06.2023 / UVW TV /

Amazon warehouse cleaner: “We’ve been left with few hours and poverty pay” Limpiador de un almacén de Amazon dice: “Nos han recortado horas de trabajo y nos pagan sueldos miserables.”


30.01.2024 / UVW TV

UVW members, Know your rights – The right to sick pay

24.01.2024 / UVW TV

Newly certified rep Hebba on why she decided to do UVW’s rep training and what she’s learned

28.11.2023 / UVW TV

UVW members: Know your rights! – The rules around taking time off

15.11.2023 / UVW TV

Organise your UVW workplace or sector!

27.10.2023 / UVW TV

UVW Member: Know your rights – Unlawful Wage deductions, aka “Wage Theft”

26.10.2023 / UVW TV

The new London Living Wage has been announced


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