Sex workers are organising to fight for basic rights at work. Join us!

In 2018, strippers and other sex workers joined UVW to start organising together, and fight to change the industry from within.

Stripping, like other forms of sex work in the UK, is legal, but workers have very few rights and protections at work.
In particular, strippers are misclassified as self-employed / independent contractors, but must follow strict rules and forced to pay high ‘house fees’ to even work in clubs. Strippers have been exploited for ages and they have had enough!

Are you a stripper or a hostess?
Are you concerned about rising house fees, arbitrary fines and constantly changing rules?
Have you experienced discrimination, bullying or unfair dismissal?
Join UVW strippers to start fighting back!

UVW work with strippers and hostesses across the UK to improve conditions in clubs through collective negotiation and individual casework. We organise to establish ‘worker’ status, which will enable those working in clubs to claim basic rights at work, such as annual leave, sick pay, a guaranteed basic wage and the right to organise and be represented by a trade union.

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The sex workers unionisation campaign is organised in partnership with x:talk, a sex workers support project and in conjunction with Decrim Now, the campaign for the full decriminalisation of all sex work.


Watch UVW member Stacey Clare and organiser Shiri Shalmy talk about the campaign for workers rights in strip clubs.
Sky News (March 2019)