We are United Voices of the World

UVW is a members-led, campaigning trade union which supports and empowers the most vulnerable groups of precarious, low-paid and predominantly migrant workers in the UK.

We were founded in 2014, rapidly gaining media attention and popular support with a series of high-profile victories for workers serving Sotheby's, Harrods, and the London School of Economics (see all our major campaigns).

Where do our members work?

Overwhelmingly in London's ubiquitous outsourced industries, which include cleaning, portering, security, retail, waiters and bar staff. We are also moving into the sex work industry.

What do we want?

We campaign for all members to receive at least the London Living Wage (£10.55 per hour as of Nov. 2018), contractual sick pay and other rights, dignified and safe conditions, and general respect.  We also challenge outsourcing itself, which creates two-tier workforces in order to slash wage bills and deny important rights.

What do members receive?

Our members receive full protection from the moment they join.  Other benefits include:

  • A strong community of members ready to fight for you

  • Monthly meetings to discuss and vote on union matters

  • Workplace representation

  • Weekly English classes for all levels

  • Employment law workshops

  • Trade union representation courses

  • Health and Safety workshops

  • Free 1-hour consultation with the law firm Truth Legal

  • Representation wherever possible in Employment Tribunals

  • Employment law advice

What does it cost to be a member?

It corresponds to your monthly gross income (total earnings before taxes):

  • £700 or less = £6 per month

  • £701 — £1,100 = £8 per month

  • £1,101 or more = £10 per month

If you require immediate assistance, a joining fee of £20 will be charged after your first meeting with a UVW rep.

How is this money spent? 

In addition to membership subs, a large portion of our funds are kindly donated by non-members.  After covering office bills and staff wages, most outgoings are on workshops, meetings, protest materials and digital services. Occasionally legal fees on behalf of members, and strike compensation come out of the general fund.  UVW has an equal wage policy, which means that all staff are paid the LLV+£1. All expenses are discussed and voted on in committee meetings.
Click here to see out latest Annual Returns.

Want to get involved?

We are always looking for comrades to get involved in any capacity — if you have time for small or large creative projects, or can teach interesting workshops, please get in touch!


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