Who are we?

A grassroots, member-led, trade union.

Who are our members?

Almost all our members are migrant workers, predominantly of Latin American decent, although anyone can join.

Where do our members work?

Predominantly in London's low wage, outsourced economy including: cleaning, portering, customer service, security, childcare, construction, and administration.

What do we want?

We campaign for all our members to receive at least the London Living Wage, proper contractual sick pay, dignity and respect. We also challenge the practice of outsourcing which creates a two-tier workforce and benefits employers by diluting the employment rights and benefits of employees.

Member benefits

Our members receive full protection from the moment they sign up. Some of the benefits include:

  • A strong community of members ready to fight for your rights;

  • Workplace representation;

  • English classes tailored to all levels;

  • Employment law workshops;

  • Trade union representation courses;

  • Health and Safety workshops;

  • Free one hour consultation with the law firm Truth Legal;

  • Representation wherever possible in Employment Tribunals;

  • Employment law advice;

  • Monthly union meetings to discuss and vote on union matters;

How much does it cost to be a member?

There is currently a £20 inscription fee and the monthly subs vary depending on your monthly salary:
up to £700 = £5
£701 - £1100 = £8
£1101  or more  = £10

What do we spenD the money on? 

Most of UVW's money is spent on admin and basic running costs of the union, transport for volunteers, and education and protest materials. UVW also occasionally helps members with legal fees. All expenses are discussed and voted upon in our meetings.  

Want to get involved?

We are always looking for people to get involved