It’s time to pay up, Sushi Chef!  

Ronny, a delivery driver for Susi Chef, was denied holiday pay and fired without receiving his final salary. Now, he's taking his former employers to county court, demanding justice and fair treatment for all workers.

Ronny Morán Samaniego took action to get back his stolen wages

I am going to fight with my union to get my money back!”

Ronny Morán Samaniego, sacked delivery driver and UVW member

Ronny was a delivery van driver for Susi Chef, working tirelessly to ensure that customers received their orders on time. Despite his hard work, Susi Chef refused to pay him holiday pay and terminated his employment without paying his final salary.

Ronny was exploited, often working over 12 hours a day—sometimes even 16 or 17 hours. To make matters worse, the company didn’t insure him while he was driving their van, and now they’re trying to charge him for a traffic ticket.

But Ronny isn’t taking this lying down. He’s fighting to get his money back with the support of his union, On May 1, UVW’s direct action squad paid a visit to Sushi Chef to demand that Ronnie gets paid for his work.

Solidarity in action!

Ronny is taking his former employers to the county court, demanding justice and fair treatment for all workers.

Support Ronny in his fight against exploitation and injustice. Stand with UVW and show that we won’t let employers get away with mistreating workers.


  • His final salary paid in full
  • The money for the ticket fine paid back in full


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