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04.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Labour MPs calls for probe into deaths of outsourced Ministry of Justice workers

26.06.2020 / Media coverage /

Emanuel Gomes died just hours after his cleaning shift. Why was he working?

08.06.2020 / Media coverage / /

MoJ cleaners to get full sick pay backdated to start of Covid-19 pandemic

04.06.2020 / Media coverage /

London academy school rocked by row over cleaning contractor’s alleged ‘union busting’

31.05.2020 / Media coverage /

Lack of PPE leaves security guards ‘at risk’ from Covid-19 at St George’s University

18.05.2020 / Media coverage /

Coronavirus: union criticises ‘extreme’ exploitation of architects

04.05.2020 / Media coverage /

MoJ cleaner’s death raises concerns over lack of sick pay for workers

15.04.2020 / Media coverage /

Queen’s Royal Parks face legal challenge against alleged indirect racial discrimination

08.04.2020 / Media coverage /

Our health is not negotiable, which is why we’ve had to walk

04.04.2020 / Media coverage /

MoJ could be taken to court over ‘refusal’ to provide outsourced workers with masks, union says

04.04.2020 / Media coverage /

Now is the time for hope — it’s the bosses who should be scared

02.04.2020 / Media coverage /

RT interviews Petros Elia about Covid-19 in the workplace


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