St George’s

26.07.2022 /

Victory against the cops: Met apologises and pays compensation for the arrest of UVW official

25.07.2022 / Press releases /

Met police apologies and pays compensation for arrest of union official on picket line

10.03.2022 / Press releases /

Landmark ruling expected as St George’s security guards take university to tribunal over a claim of racist outsourcing

THE Business Case For THE In House Provision of Soft Services AT ST GEORGES UNIVERSITY OF LONDON (SGUL) 2015

25.09.2020 /

UVW member Cetin talks organising and the SGUL campaign at TWT 2020

30.07.2020 /

Racial justice impossible without an end to outsourcing

27.07.2020 / Press releases /

“Stop the Met’s criminalisation of strikes” says barrister in legal challenge to Metropolitan Police

22.07.2020 / Press releases /

St. George’s security guards win full pay sick pay but vow to “fight on for full equality”

20.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Union takes action against university on grounds of discrimination against outsourced BAME staff

13.07.2020 / Media coverage /

BAME and migrant workers to argue in court that lower pay for outsourced staff is ‘institutional racism’

10.07.2020 / Press releases /

UVW union to argue in court that outsourcing is ‘institutional racism’

01.06.2020 / /

UVW steps in to provide PPE to outsourced cleaners at St. George’s, University of London


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