Media coverage

29.10.2020 / Media coverage /

‘We are not the dirt we clean’: Migrant workers during the pandemic

23.10.2020 / Media coverage / /

We have to stand with care workers fighting for justice

15.10.2020 / Media coverage /

UK Architects report exploitive work practices amid lockdown

12.10.2020 / Media coverage / /

Furlough fraud, snooping and firings: architects speak out over lockdown exploitation

08.09.2020 / Media coverage / /

Fight for your rights: the trade union for outsourced workers

12.08.2020 / Media coverage / /

United Voices: an inspiring story of workers’ grassroots resistance

20.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Union takes action against university on grounds of discrimination against outsourced BAME staff

17.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Academy executive refused to meet with workers after cleaning contractor is found union busting

16.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Union taking government to court after death of Plaistow cleaner

13.07.2020 / Media coverage /

BAME and migrant workers to argue in court that lower pay for outsourced staff is ‘institutional racism’

13.07.2020 / Media coverage /

UK Cleaning Company Suggests It May Only Provide PPE If Workers Ditch Union

06.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Death at Justice: the story of Emanuel Gomes


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