Ministry of Justice

29.10.2020 / Media coverage /

‘We are not the dirt we clean’: Migrant workers during the pandemic

12.08.2020 / Media coverage / /

United Voices: an inspiring story of workers’ grassroots resistance

07.08.2020 /

A seat at the table is only as powerful as the threat of collective action

30.07.2020 / Press releases /

Ministry of Justice’s cleaners, security guards and porters win vote for trade union recognition

16.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Union taking government to court after death of Plaistow cleaner

14.07.2020 / Press releases / /

Ministry of Justice to face Judicial Review over lack of face masks links to death of outsourced cleaner

08.07.2020 / Press releases /

Stunning victory for UVW as Ministry of Justice is pressured into granting cleaners full pay sick pay

08.07.2020 / /

Emanuel’s story begins to be heard

06.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Death at Justice: the story of Emanuel Gomes

04.07.2020 / Media coverage /

Labour MPs calls for probe into deaths of outsourced Ministry of Justice workers

26.06.2020 / Media coverage /

Emanuel Gomes died just hours after his cleaning shift. Why was he working?

19.06.2020 / Press releases /

Ministry of Justice contractor accused of “unlawful interference” in trade union recognition ballot


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