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16.01.2024 / News /

Harrods’ hospitality workers ready to strike for third time if 2024 pay promise not kept

Following two UVW victorious disputes for workers’ tips in 2017 and a huge 25 percent wage increase in December 2021, Harrods’s hospitality workers are ready for a third strike if Harrods doesn’t keep its 2024 pay rise promise. The London luxury store has offered them a pay review with an increase by 1 April 2024, following moves by UVW bar and kitchen staff. A majority of workers and UVW members voted positively in December over their willingness to declare a third pay dispute.

Despite it being a preliminary consultation, Harrods has taken note of their past and present resolve and confirmed they will be offering a pay rise for all staff this year.  The store however has not offered specific details yet and while UVW members welcome the prospect of a pay rise they remain poised to move to ballot for strike action if Harrods does not deliver an above-inflation pay rise.

Before UVW members organised the 2017 and 2021 disputes at the emblematic London store, its wealthy owners were paying poverty wages to waiting and kitchen staff as well as keeping 75% of their tips. All this was changed through UVW-led campaigning which included massive demonstrations and the threat of sustained strike action.

Petros Elia, UVW general secretary said: “Over the years, UVW has supported our members as they stood up to Harrods bosses and won amazing victories to keep their hard earned tips and be paid a dignified wage, and we will never lower the guard. We are proud to have set a new benchmark for pay in the hospitality sector as well as pioneering pay demands in the UK hospitality industry, which is riddled with precarity. We are committed to continue to push for better pay and conditions in Harrods. The store bosses would be wise to listen to our members’ concerns as their resolve for dignity and respect at work is unbreakable and they will move to strike if they have to.”

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