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29.01.2024 / News /

Celebrating 10 years of class struggle!

United Voices of the World (UVW) celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on the evening of Saturday 27 January, with a trademark party. Over 250 members and supporters came together to mark the momentous achievement in true UVW-style!

We danced and ate together. We stitched a celebratory 10-year anniversary banner. Some members received certificates in recognition to the contribution they made to the growth and success of our UVW union and of the championing of low-paid, migrant and precarious workers’ fight for dignity, equality and justice.

There was unity, comradeship and fun… including a quiz about our history and achievements, a beautiful UVW cake baked by one of our members, and wonderful entertainment brought by the colourful and energetic Ecuadorian folk dancers Warmis UK as well as some amazing ballad-singing by some of our Latin American members. A night to remember!

Daniel on being a UVW member, winning confidence, power and losing all fear

Daniel, a UVW member cleaner at the London School of Economics (LSE), told us he was very “happy to celebrate UVW’s 10-years because thanks to my union I fear nothing!.” While he got on with the stitching of  our celebratory UVW banner (made by members), he told us he was very proud to be a part of UVW because they were the first to defeat outsourcing at a public organisation. The cleaners at LSE are all in-house now thanks to their epic strike and unflinching resolve!

“I fear nothing now”, he said. Thanks to the many  “workshops, meetings and strikes”  he explained he’d learnt so much and got the “power and confidence” to fight for his rights.

Like Daniel, so many other UVW members have won better terms and conditions, dignity and respect at work, over the last 10 years, where we’ve organised over 50 campaigns. Our members know that rights are won through direct action and they support each other in their fight.

We will continue to grow stronger and confident and fearless. 

Come to the meetings, the workshops and trainings and of course, join the party! 

Congratulations to the wonderful UVW family!

Eating and celebrating together!
Stitching our memories together!
Warmis UK at the party!



Celebrating 10 years of class struggle!


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