La Retraite

21.05.2021 / Press releases /

“This victory is a real testament to the tenacity of our members” says UVW as school cleaners win their battle for trade union recognition

19.03.2021 / Press releases /

South London based La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School embroiled in “legal scandal” after cleaners sue for “institutional racism” and bring a Judicial Review for refusing to pay sick pay

15.03.2021 / Press releases /

Prestigious South London school La Retraite to be rocked by “longest school cleaners strike in UK history” after headteacher on over £110K per year denies key workers full pay sick pay

22.02.2021 / Press releases /

Catholic School cleaners to strike for 40 days and 40 nights in “righteous indignation” about “wage theft”, “poverty pay” & “institutional racism”

27.01.2021 / Press releases /

“There is a culture of discrimination” says trade union as it ballots school cleaners for strike action


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