Saint James Tavern

09.08.2022 /

Brighton workers suspend strike as pub bosses sit down to talk

12.07.2022 / Press releases /

Brighton pub workers defy violent union-busting by issuing fresh strike dates

08.07.2022 /

Fighting back through the courts

04.07.2022 /

Shocking union-busting by “out of control” bosses in Brighton pub dispute

27.06.2022 / Press releases /

Striking worker assaulted by union-busting boss at Stonegate-leased pub in Brighton

24.06.2022 / UVW TV /

A message from bar staff at Saint James Tavern in Brighton who will walk out of their jobs at 4:30pm on Saturday 25 June

24.06.2022 / Press releases /

Strike leader suspended ahead of historic strike by Brighton pub workers

17.06.2022 /

Pub staff in Brighton fight back against union busting

15.06.2022 / Press releases /

Bar staff claim union busting at Saint James Tavern, Brighton

15.06.2022 / UVW TV /

Pub staff in Brighton claim union busting at Saint James Tavern after announcing strike dates.

Saturday 25 June


10.06.2022 /

Brighton bar staff gear up for strike action over better pay and conditions  


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