08.04.2022 /

Security guards defiant in fight against racist outsourcing at Great Ormond Street Hospital

22.03.2022 / UVW TV /

The longest strike in NHS history #GOSHSTRIKE

11.03.2022 / Press releases /

Strike averted as Great Ormond Street Hospital agrees to give hundreds of cleaners full NHS contracts

02.03.2022 /

The struggle continues: GOSH strike rallies are back!

01.03.2022 / UVW TV /

Join the rally, let’s make our voices heard!

15.02.2022 /

Academics write open letter on the injunction against striking security guards at Great Ormond Street Hospital

14.02.2022 /

GOSH security guards call on the union movement to support their right to picket, threatened by injunction 

09.02.2022 /

Great Ormond Street Hospital threatens to seek injunction to silence security guards on strike for sick pay

04.02.2022 / /

Security Guards launch a six-week strike with a huge rally and peaceful occupation

26.01.2022 /

Cleaners sue Great Ormond Street Hospital for racial discrimination over pay inequality

26.01.2022 /

Outsourced security guards at Great Ormond Street Hospital gear up to take strike action


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